Prepare for take off!

Prepare for take off!

This statement means more than just fastening your seatbelt and knowing where the exit gates on the airplane are located. There is a whole new set of preliminary measures to be taken before actually boarding the plane. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way!

This was my first time taking a domestic flight with the kids. Sooo, I figured a couple of crackers, wafers and some milk will be more than enough. After all, its not like those 16 hours long flight to Pakistan. Oh boy was I ever wrong!

We were waiting to board the plane and an hour before the scheduled departure time an announcement was made about the flight being delayed only for an hour. Eventually another announcement was made for a further two hour delay, and then a few more hours. Oh my poor kids grew impatient and exhausted. All the meanwhile my husband and I (like all other passengers) were on the phone trying to book a new connecting flight. —->Big Mistake<——-

Here’s what I learned from this experience….

Check the weather of your transit destination and be prepared to change the transit destination incase of delay. If the delay is due to bad weather, let me tell you it will be way longer than a few hours. Instead of waiting around listening to extended delay announcements, just change your transit destination right away and book a connecting flight from your new transit destination.Your kids will be happy to board a plane sooner!

Pack heavier snacks, like sandwiches, nutrition bars, vegetables, fruits, Juice and water. Incase you have no choice but to wait, you will have something to feed those hungry stomachs. The food at the restaurants in the airport isn’t always the best and over priced.

Pack crayons, markers, small puzzles, books, colouring books. Keep those tiny brainiacs occupied.

Download as many games and cartoons as you can. If you don’t get around to it, well at least the airports have WIFI.

Pack “blankys” for the toddlers.

Most importantly, if your child is not old enough to take care of his/her own carry on, Volunteer to check it in. Or just pack all your belongings in a large suit case and check it in for an extra 25 bux.  Believe me your hands will be full with all of the above.

Lastly, keep a good amount of cash.

As we all know, airlines do not provide passengers with much, so you’re on your own.

Kids should enjoy traveling, Make it Comfortable for them!

Kids relieved to finally board the plane, after waiting from 7 am to 2 pm.

Kids relieved to finally board the plane, after waiting from 7 am to 2 pm.

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One Response to Prepare for take off!

  1. Sara says:

    My two cuties! Packing a snack is a must especially if you don’t have a direct flight.. Even if you’re traveling alone or with the kiddos!
    Great first post!


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