Strolling in Seattle!

Seattle is a city with lots to offer, but exploring with two kids who have a very short attention span, cold, rainy weather and only 2 days, we did the best we could. Our first day in Seattle was Friday, hence the first place we visited was MAPS (Muslim Association of Puget Sound), in Redmond. A very well organized and by the looks of it, a fairly new Mosque. For more information about the Mosque please visit Next, we visited The Seattle Children’s Museum , at the Seattle Centre. Children's Museum              Children's Museum It’s everything a kid could imagine, with little stations filled with demonstrative toys. There is a gravity centre, a supermarket with little carts, a cafe and space centre and many others. The place is a child explorers wonder. The museums opens from 10am-5pm from Monday to Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. Pack some lunch and take the kids from morning to lunch time. They have tables and benches and tons of stroller parking. There are also restaurants located in the Seattle Centre Armory, one floor above the Children’s Museum. If you go on the last hour, the museum simply asks for a donation at the entrance , no need to purchase tickets. By the time we left the Museum, the weather had turned on us. It was raining, and I didn’t bring my kids’ stroller, so we went back to my sisters’ place. Day 2  Pike Place Market    I loved my second day in Seattle! We began with a tour of Pike Place Market, guided by my brother in law. The Market opened in 1907, overlooking the Elliot Bay. Today it’s Seattle’s most iconic attractions.  Friendly people, delicious food, beautiful floral bouquets, and cute little shops selling locally made art. Oh and my kids favourite, fish throwing. It’s a crowded place, but don’t hesitate to bring the kids’ stroller along. People are friendly, and always make way for parents pushing a giant stroller around. Tholympic sculpture parkere are tons of parks in Seattle, some hidden on building rooftops,and some in plain sight, but we have tons of parks here in Mississauga as well. So, we went to an unusual park, Olympic Sculpture Park. A vibrant piece of art on 9-acres of green land, with paths to bike, jog and located parallel to the bay. Its a perfect gateway within downtown Seattle. Theres a good spread of unique sculptures across the park, which most kids fascinated and adults intrigued. Great Park, close to other attractions and Complimentary Wifi!     Fremont Troll Lastly, The Fremont Troll, a huge sculpture of a troll, clutching a Volkswagen Beetle under the Aurora Bridge. The sculpture in the Fremont neighbourhood of Seattle is quite the playground for kids and adults alike. It’s actually fun to look at and climb. The Fremont troll has an interesting history, be sure to check it out! The Fremont Troll       cafe turkoThis brings me to the end of my day, which means dinner time! Just steps away from the Troll is a halal Turkish Restaurant, “Cafe Turko“. The intense aroma of spices and grilled meat will lure you in as you attempt to walk past this restaurant. There is a variety of things from Turkey, (tea sets, trays, jewelry, rugs, Turkish tea, etc) available for purchase. My family and I loved the food and truly appreciated the staff. The atmosphere was pleasant and the owner was extremely friendly. It almost felt as if we are being invited to dinner to someones home, not a restaurant. Our server (father of baby Zohra) took time out to explain the contents of different dishes and handled my kids very politely. Oh and the portion size….lets just say I already knew that I was having “Cafe Turko” leftovers for lunch the next day. Theres definitely a lot more to do in Seattle, but unfortunately due to the cold weather we had to skip out on a lot of outdoor activities. For those of you with kids older than mine, checkout ” mylittlenomads” for a better guide of museums and other activities.

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3 Responses to Strolling in Seattle!

  1. shanzay iqbal says:

    awww… my tutiesss.. 😍😍i miss them.
    please visit before i leave for Pakistan.


  2. Abeer says:

    seems like a wonderful place for the kids!


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