Popular Picks at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market was my favourite spot during my visit to Seattle. A huge variety of restaurants to choose from, fresh flowers, fresh produce, locals, by the bay and best of all bite size samples at almost all the restaurants! Here are my picks from Pike Place market — some halal, some vegetarian, some sweet and some savoury.

The First Starbucks Ever!

World's First Starbucks

Okay I’m not much of a coffee person, so this was more exciting for my husband. There is always a long line so either be prepared to wait or come early. This location has preserved its’ old vintage feel and some of the machinery first used to make coffee at Starbucks. Other than, it tastes the same everywhere!

Sweet Turkish treats

Turkish Delight
A busy little cafe with delicious food, sweet treats and friendly service makes this a must go-to place at Pike Place Market. Yes, it is halal as confirmed by the owner!!
The long line moves quick and it is definitely worth waiting for the Kebobs and baklava.
Try it and tell me what you think of “Turkish Delight”

Piroshky Piroshky


A Russian bakery, serving fresh, mouth-watering savoury and sweet piroshkies – small pies. This gem of a bakery is a popular place at Pike Place Market with a definite 20 – 30 minute wait time. Get a couple different ones while your there! One piroshki is definitely a heavy snack, but trust me you will be hungry for more. It isn’t a halal restaurant, but vegetarian options are available and they are well worth it. my sons favourite was the “Potatoe & Cheese” filling.

Ellenos Greek Yogurt
Locally hand crafted Geek yogurt. Actually I should say, the best yogurt ever! It’s really that good. You can try samples of all their flavours and can be ordered in three different container sizes. I miss this yogurt since I got back from Seattle. Perfect thickness,right amount of sweetness and an absolutely delicious treat. Ellenos greek yogurt is a much better replacement to any frozen yogurt or ice-cream.  My kids loved it – We all did!

City Fish Co.
The fish market at Pike Place is quiet crowded with amused tourist waiting for the fish to be tossed around. Once the kids enjoyed that little show, we walked past the crowd and came across City Fish Co.  This is the best way to taste local seafood recipes.

Lastly visit, the extremely unhygienic, disgusting gum wall. Nothing to eat, but amusing enough to see. Well at least the kids thought it was “the coolest thing ever”.

Trying to blow a bubble at my sons request...Trying

Trying to blow a bubble at my sons request…Trying

Me, adding my piece to the gum wall

Me, adding my piece to the gum wall

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3 Responses to Popular Picks at Pike Place Market

  1. Abeer says:

    Can’t wait to go,using your posts as a guide iA!!


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