Oregons Marvels of Nature!

Have you ever thought about visiting Oregon?  I definitely hadn’t. I have no relatives or friends there and it isn’t known as a major tourism spot. Well then, what is there to do in Oregon???

Let’s start by the scenic costal drives. High mountains, endless sparkly water and small historic towns with lots of old school charm to drive through is a good way to experience the culture of Florence, Oregon.
The only thing is, kids eventually start crying out “I’m bored, are we there yet?”
So here we have it, adventures with my kids in Florence, Oregon

Sea lion Caves
Just a20150415_141321 little North of Florence, smack dab in the middle of Highway 101 are the Sea lion caves. It’s a wonderful experience observing the sea lions swim there way through the endless ocean and in to the caves for nesting.
Before taking the elevator down to the cave you can go on the observation deck and admire the view and maybe even see a whale or sea lion swim.
Down below, the cave is very well laid out for visitors. Its safe for kids and there is tons of information displayed on screens about the cave, sea lions and the surroundings. It really is aaaaamazing!


At the Deck - Kids love to climb!

At the Deck – Kids love to climb!


Ibrahim is excited!

Ibrahim is excited!

Path to the Elevator

Path to the Elevator

Here we go!

Here we go!








See all those sea lions?

See all those sea lions?







Next up…
Sand dunes
My 5 year old son loved the sand dune ride. Well, I’m sure Inaya (my 2 yr old) would have enjoyed trucking through sand if she got the chance. April isn’t busy season, so they close the sand dunes rides earlier – around 4-5pm. If you have kids younger than 3, go earlier to get the Giant Dune Buggy Tour. Kid three and older can go on the Sand rail tours with adults. Heres the difference between the two.

Giant Dune Buggy Tour – larger group of people, includes kids of all ages. Not as rough as the Sand Rail tours.

Sand Rail Tours – Smaller group with age limit of 3 yrs and older. Its a fun stunt ride.

Theres also a price difference between the two. Oh Beware! You will get sand all over yourself and your camera.
We got there pretty late, so unfortunately Inaya and I weren’t able to go. There was one last Sand trail tour left. The rest had fun, especially Ibrahim! He loves an adventure.
While everyone else was at the sand dunes, Inaya and I had fun at the family fun centre of the Sand land Adventures Park . There was go carting, mini golf, train ride, and bumper boats! Inaya had a blast go carting with mama and she’s one competitive little golfer. Unfortunately, with my phone uncharged and the camera gone with the others, I couldn’t take any pictures. 😦

Ibrahim sitting in the sand rail buggy

Ibrahim sitting in the sand rail bugg







On our way to Thors Well! What’s that you ask? Well you gotta go and see…

Aamir standing right in front of thor's well

Aamir standing right in front of thor’s well


Water gushing out of thors well

Water gushing out of thors well


There is a bed of mussels all around  the well. It is an amazing marvel of nature. My kids are too young to go near the well, so we took turns going down.  If your kids are old enough to walk on the gigantic rocks on the beach, then take them to see Thor’s well. Its spectacular!

Heceta Head lighthouse – Beautiful! Just like you see on t.v. Perfectly Picturesque.


Florence, Oregon is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Its not crowded, there is much to discover and its gorgeous. The only issue I had was , that I didn’t have the time to find halal food, so we just had good old cheese pizza and seafood.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore more, so if you see something Oregon worth seeing, tell me about it!




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2 Responses to Oregons Marvels of Nature!

  1. Abeer says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Using your guide when I go iA!


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