Great Wolf Lodge

Everybody wants and needs a vacation. Whether it’s a mini weekend get away or a months tour, every now and then a break is much needed. However, not everyone has the time or financial means to fly to a vacation destination. Well no problem, we have got many places for a quick getaway right in our own backyard.
Recently my family and I went to the Great Wolf Lodge (GWL), Niagara.
I love, love, love being in water and this water park was amazing. I think I was more excited than the kids.

Often GWL offers great deals on their website, which includes a one night stay, complete access to the water park for both days and activities such as story time and wolf walk.
The lodge is warm and welcoming. The rooms are nice and neat with plenty of room. Our room had two queen beds and a sofa bed.

Ibrahim relaxing!

Ibrahim relaxing!

As you enter  the resort, the lodge/cabin like decor makes the camping dream come to reality. A huge fire place, with comfy seating all around. The brick wall has fixtures of wolves that move around and howl time to time. Theres also a little piece of the perfect storybook forest in the lobby. Standing in the forest is a moose, bear and a tree, all of which talk and tell stories. I am adding the rest of the pictures to the gallery at the side of the page.  Check them out!

See the detailed lodge decor of the lobby

See the detailed lodge decor of the lobby

I can go on and on about the feel and environment of the lodge, but I wont —
Lets talk about safety at the water park.
There are life jackets for kids of all ages.
Life guards are at all the rides and pools and very helpful.
There is a toddler area with small slides and basket ball nets in very shallow water. You can just relax, while your toddler splashes around and enjoys the slides.
There is a huge climber with water buckets spilling over for kids to enjoy or splash water on others. Love it!
There is tons and tons of room for strollers and more than enough table and chairs for everyone.
Heres the best part—Adults, You do not have to carry your wallet along with you. If you wish to make a purchase of any kind, simply present your band to be scanned and pay off your total expenses when you check out at the end of your stay.
Fresh towels are provided at the water park. All you need are your clothes and toiletries!

Rides and Attractions
Chipmunk Cove – Toddler area with kiddie, miniature slides and basketball nets for kids to shoot some hoops!

Inayah Sliding - Making a Splash

Inaya Sliding – Making a Splash

Rainbow lake – The big wave pool! My kids loved jumping with the waves, but I had to be with them all the time. My kids are a bit too little to be left alone anywhere.

Inaya and Aamir in front of  big wave pool (Rainbow Lake)

Inaya and Aamir in front of big wave pool (Rainbow Lake)

Otter Lake – A nice size pool with with floating acorns and snakes for kids to climb and jump of off.

Frog Pond – This is for slightly older kids. Kids get to challenge themselves trying to jump from one log or lily pad to another in order to cross the pond. Aamir helped Ibrahim and Inaya cross the pond.

Aamir helping Ibrahim cross the frog pond

Aamir helping Ibrahim cross the frog pond

Fort Mackenzie – A giant, multi-story climber with loads of splash stations! Great for kids of all ages.  It also connects to two slides that toddlers cannot go on. Oh you can’t imagine the screams when I had to bring Inaya down and Ibrahim went sliding with Aamir.

Part of Fort Mckenzie

Part of Fort Mckenzie

Wooly Mammoth – The only slide that adults and kids  (even toddlers) can go on together. The tube is big enough for 4 people. Inaya loved it. Seconds later she was angry that she wasn’t allowed to go any of the other big slides. You can scan your band (Adults only) if you want to purchase a picture of your “Wooly Mammoth” experience.

Kids below 48″ (not toddlers) can go on all other slides except the “Niagara Rapids”.



Finally just grab a tube and relax in the crystal river or warm up in one of the hot tubs or whirl pool spas.

Other Included Activities

8pm – Put your little ones in their best pj’s and join everyone in the lobby for story time.

9 am – “Wolf walk” in the lobby

10 am – forest friends show
The timings can change so just get your information at the reception

Activities for a cost

Magi Quest – This looked interesting. I saw kids with wands walking in the hallway pointing to screens and treasure chest that magically open up with the wand. It’s a scavenger hunt, and a fun way to explore the resort. My kids are younger so I didn’t do this, but if your kids enjoy a good quest/mystery go for it. You get to keep the wand and use it on your next trip when you purchase a new adventure. Just set aside plenty of time and energy for the quest.

There are also other fun activities for an extra cost like the arcade, bowling alley, mini golfing, animal stuffing station, scoops spa. I didn’t get to try them out because my kids just did not want to leave the water park. Yeah, bunch a crazy sharks!

Halal? No, There is no halal food available within the resort, but there are plenty of vegetarian options in all the restaurants. However, there are halal restaurants in the niagara region, so why not drive a couple minutes and enjoy some delicious halal food for much cheaper.
For breakfast, I like IHOP. The kids like to eat pancakes and it has something for everybody. As far as I know, it’s the only IHOP on this side of the border.

We went to Ali Babas Kebabs , a Persian restaurant – The owner and his son were very nice and the food was fresh and delicious. I have only heard good things about this place and now I know it’s all true. There’s little seating space, but don;t worry , you will find room as people usually do take-outs. I do not know why, but the owner is looking to sell the restaurant. 😦
There is also a shawarma place next to it. If you try it, leave a little review in the comment section.
If everyone in your family likes different things, especially the kids, do try  Casablanca on 5930 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls. This place has pizzas, burgers, and kebab/rice dishes. All decent and price is a tiny bit more than it should be, But overall not bad.
If you try any of these places or discovered other halal restaurants please do leave a comment. Always happy to know about yummy halal food!

Do’s and Don’ts

1) Get to the park earlier than check-in time. If the rooms are all ready, they let you check in earlier.

2) You can begin using the Water park from 1 pm, so get there atleast by noon, register and enjoy the water park. You can go in your room later, for now enjoy the water park to the fullest.

3) A voucher of $25 is given at the time of registration. The voucher can only be used once,  for the whole amount of part of it, but no more than once. We used it for having breakfast.
Don’t!  Go have breakfast at Ihop or some other place. There are many restaurants on a 6-7 min drive. We had to pay a little extra even after using the voucher at the breakfast buffet. It wasn’t worth it. There is only so much you can eat, especially in the morning.

4) DO  save the voucher for the gift/souvenir shop. Believe me it will save you some money.

5)  Check- out is at 11 am, but you can use the water park till closing time. The kids do not want to leave and they shouldn’t have to. Stay and enjoy your time splashing around!

6) Signs say that outside food is not allowed, but I saw plenty of folks with homemade snacks. How many times can you buy your kids fries and pizza. Take some snacks with you. There is a fridge and microwave in the room for you to store your food.

7) Very important – Purchase a water proof camera cover so you can take pictures. You will notice I don’t have pictures of us in the pool or slides. 😦

8) Don’t hold back – HAVE FUN!

Well don’t just sit there, like the post, share, leave a comment and book a trip the Great Wolf Lodge!

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  1. Abeer ayaz says:

    Looks awesome! We were just in philly this past weekend. You need to make a trip out to aloo mamus there’s some awesome things for kids!


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