My Winter – Shaking of the Winter Blues!

As Canadians we claim to proudly embrace the cold, soaring winds of winter. However many of us still fear the frigid temperatures, and shovelling off snow from the driveway is just dreadful. I can’t really say I ever miss winter, but I can’t let the winter blues get to me. I got two tiny munchkins to take care of and need something to tire them out. So here are a couple of indoor and outdoor activities we kept our selves busy with this winter.

Snow tubing!
Tubing is tons of fun, its a perfect winter roller coaster for kids and adults. It’s an affordable and exciting activity for the whole family to slide out of the winter blues. Most places have a height restriction of 42 inches or taller, but no worries, there are plenty of tiny snow hills around for the little ones to slide on. Some places like Chinguacousy SnowMountain in Brampton, Ontario  also have space for skiing and snowboarding. So go out and make a day of it. Don’t let the weather drag you down.
I usually take some snacks with me. This year I prepared some pumpkin bread ahead of time. I will soon put up the recipe!20160220_145334









Trampoline parks!
Well, what can you do when you and Mrs. Winter just do not get along. Try out the indoor trampoline parks for an exhilarating time out. Sky zone is a popular place in Mississauga, Ontario. Kids love to jump and guess what, so do adults. Imagine how much fun your child will have in a place where jumping in allowed. However, an hour is more than anyone can handle.  There are locker and cubbies available to put away shoes and other belongings.
Check out the the website of your local trampoline park and plan accordingly.

Harbour Front
I know what your thinking..Harbour front is one place you would never think about, during winter. Not True! Its quiet nice. Harbour Front, Toronto always has something going on. We usually go on family day and each year there is a theme. There are tons of fun crafts for kids and a room full of legos. The best part is you can enjoy the outdoors as well if your in the mood for some ice-skating.

The Maple festival
I can just smell the sweetness of maple syrup and fresh hot pancakes. The Maple Syrup festivals have already commenced in Ontario. Mississauga Celebration Square and the Halton Region run the festivals from 1st of March to 6th of April on weekends and March Break. There is an entrance fee of about $8/person or less depending on the location you choose. Most parks have wagon rides and making maple candy. Especially worth it for all you sweet toothed out there:)

Last Resort – If you are too busy to do all this, just go out and make a snowman with the kids. 🙂


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